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Book Review: Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells

When I first started reading this book, I wondered why I was bothering.  What can you learn from a book whose lessons no longer have any significance?  It’s a hundred years out of date, after all;  is there any woman … Continue reading

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Transference Edit Done

I’ve finished editing Transference, but I’m not convinced I’ve done a good job.  When I did the initial read-through (when the laughs still worked), I had a number of ideas that could improve it.  Some changes had to be made … Continue reading

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How to stop writing in three easy steps

Have a virus attack your computer and spend the money you were saving for your daughter’s birthday on having it repaired. Have your wireless router break down and wait six hours for the Virgin engineer to turn up, which means … Continue reading

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Fastest Rejection Ever Part Two

Just in case I didn’t get it, the other agent at Marjacq ALSO turned down my novel so I got TWO rejection emails from them.  Yes, thanks, guys, I really got the message.

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Fastest Rejection Ever

Within 24 hours of emailing ULTRA to Marjacq, I got a rejection email/slip/letter…call it what you like, it was still shocking.  Must have been an auto-response.  All emails to their “subs” address just get the same rejection because they know … Continue reading

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Sci Fi Agents in the UK

With thanks to AJDalton, there are (and the W&A HB will confirm this) only fifteen sci fi agents in the UK.  They are: (Comments by Mr Dalton) i) Sheil Land (always reply), ii) United Agents (rarely bother to reply), iii) … Continue reading

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Editing Transference (2)

When I did the huge rewrite on Commences, a number of plot changes inevitably occurred that affected the next three novels in the quintet.  Since I’m now working on the second of these novels, I thought I’d better check my … Continue reading

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