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One feeble attempt

“pray your life was just a dream” (MM) I’m sinking without a trace beneath the waves of depression, a sea that has closed over me a hundred thousand times, so familiar that I almost enjoy the darkness, a place I … Continue reading

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Commences submitted to Authonomy

“…don’t forget the violence”  (MM) Yesterday I submitted the first six chapters of my Fleet novel Commences to the Authonomy website.  I felt some trepidation, not least of which was inevitable plagiarism, but also:  would anyone actually like it?  Since … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Stone Testament by Celia Rees

My daughter, who is eleven and a half but has the reading age of 15, pressed this book on me, saying how good it was, though she didn’t quite get the ending.  I found it considerably better than many other … Continue reading

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Commences: Book Cover

One of the holdups in downloading Commences on the Authonomy website is the lack of book cover.  People tell me that the book cover doesn’t matter, it’s the blurb that imparts the important information, but still….it’s hard not to want … Continue reading

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Book Review: Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco

I couldn’t have picked a more difficult book as my first review.  This sat on my bookshelf for twenty years before dusting it off and having another go.  I started it four times and each time abandoned it because I … Continue reading

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Just been battling with a bio for the Authonomy website.  Really hard to write about yourself when you don’t think you done anything interesting in that “climbed Everest” or “crossed Antarctica” sort of way. This is what it looks like: … Continue reading

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Pitch for Commences

“…it is done”  (MM)   I’ve sweated blood over this and I know it’s still not right.  I don’t know how to grab the attention of an editor.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else can read the (entire) novel … Continue reading

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