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The Shrinking Singularity that is my Local Library

I haven’t been to my local library for years.  I stopped going because I could never find anything to read.  There were a few new books on display but never anything I actually wanted to read.  The shelves themselves remained … Continue reading

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I am made from gossamer and the wind is howling

I don’t think I’ve ever struggled to write anything as hard as “Experienced.”  I even wondered if I had writer’s block or if I just too stressed to write or was perhaps even all written out.  I thought I might be losing … Continue reading

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Confessions of a terrible writer

I’m just a copy of an imitation (MM) There’s only one reason why anyone self-publishes:  they’re too crap to be published in the Real World.  You can fool yourself all you want but it’s the truth.  That doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

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How to keep writing even if the world is exploding around you

Is it possible to write when it’s 30C by eleven in the morning?  In the centre of London?  It’s not so much the heat (although, really, it IS the heat) as the noise which accompanies it.  Every window in my … Continue reading

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I’ve just popped back for my gun and then I’m going to shoot the fucking bitch behind the post office counter

Hate every motherfucker that’s in your way (MM)   All I wanted was something sticky.  A bit of Sellotape.  An address label.  Anything.  Usually the post office is quite obliging.  Often I remember to take my own Sellotape.  The problem … Continue reading

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Fastest Rejection Ever

Within 24 hours of emailing ULTRA to Marjacq, I got a rejection email/slip/letter…call it what you like, it was still shocking.  Must have been an auto-response.  All emails to their “subs” address just get the same rejection because they know … Continue reading

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Sci Fi Agents in the UK

With thanks to AJDalton, there are (and the W&A HB will confirm this) only fifteen sci fi agents in the UK.  They are: (Comments by Mr Dalton) i) Sheil Land (always reply), http://www.sheilland.co.uk ii) United Agents (rarely bother to reply), http://unitedagents.co.uk/ iii) … Continue reading

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