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Confessions of a J.K. Rowling addict

I’ve been waiting for this day for months.  Possible even years.  I remember once thinking, about ten years ago:  I wish JKRowling would write a novel for adults.  This morning, at around ten, I set off to my local Waterstones … Continue reading

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Transference Edit Done

I’ve finished editing Transference, but I’m not convinced I’ve done a good job.  When I did the initial read-through (when the laughs still worked), I had a number of ideas that could improve it.  Some changes had to be made … Continue reading

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Mister Maestro

“…I’m someone stupid just like you”  (MM) Last week in Waterstones, I asked for a bit of paper to write down book titles and they gave me a blank till print out, probably thinking I was going to go off … Continue reading

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Lost In Alter Space

Since I started blogging, tweeting, facebooking, promoting, reviewing, uploading, commenting, liking, following, friending, mailing, researching and every other internet thing you can think of, I’ve found myself lonelier than ever.  I’m always lonely as a writer but now I’m feel … Continue reading

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