Writing a pitch

This has to be harder than writing an entire novel, even a quintet of novels.  How do I describe my novel in 200 words max when it took me way over 100 000 words to tell the story!  How do I describe an indescribable novel!  I don’t know what it’s about!  This is very probably why I’ve never been able to sell Commences.  That and the fact that as a story, it’s so outside the box that it’s virtually a whole genre by itself.  And doesn’t that sound just exactly like some arrogant first-novelist who is convinced s/he’s going to change the world with their phenomenal work of art?  But when it comes to pride, I’m not sure if I’ve got any left, which is why I’m here, writing this, working on a pitch, and not writing my next novel which is what I’d rather be doing.


That quote in full:


“Prick your finger it is done

The moon has now eclipsed the sun

The angel has spread his wings

The time has come for bitter things”  (MM)


I used to think it was “better” but “bitter” is more apt.


About susannahjbell

I am a writer of science fiction and other strange and surreal works. I mostly write novels and the occasional novelette. My published works include A Doorway into Ultra, the Fleet Quintet and the Exodus Sequence. I live in London in an attic flat but really want to live in a tree. I wanted to be an astrophysicist but would settle for an alien abduction. I write because I don’t know what to read.
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2 Responses to Writing a pitch

  1. Barun Jha says:

    I find word limits challenging for their restraints… 🙂

  2. No room to be inventive!

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