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Review: Aggretsuko

I LOVE THIS!  I discovered it last night and watched the first two episodes, brilliantly short at fifteen minutes each – though they felt so much longer, packed as they were with story line. If you’ve been on Mars recently … Continue reading

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Confessions of a terrible writer

I’m just a copy of an imitation (MM) There’s only one reason why anyone self-publishes:  they’re too crap to be published in the Real World.  You can fool yourself all you want but it’s the truth.  That doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

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I’ve just popped back for my gun and then I’m going to shoot the fucking bitch behind the post office counter

Hate every motherfucker that’s in your way (MM)   All I wanted was something sticky.  A bit of Sellotape.  An address label.  Anything.  Usually the post office is quite obliging.  Often I remember to take my own Sellotape.  The problem … Continue reading

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Born Villain by Marilyn Manson

This is really awful.  MM has reached that stage in his career when you don’t know whether his next album is going to be his last.  The fear, post Golden Age, is just what the next album is going to … Continue reading

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Writing Ultra

“sick sick sick”  (MM)   Ultra first started life as a short story, a really sick one about a girl in a mental institution who, I seem to recall, wandered about in pyjamas with daisies on them.  I’ve forgotten the … Continue reading

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