Very very very very very Gomenzi

I’ve started preparing FLESH FOR SALE as a .doc for Smashwords and find that every time I come round to editing/managing/preparing this novel, I find myself intrigued all over again by my blurb for V.GOMENZI.  It feels awfully self-indulgent to actually LIKE one’s own blurb but in this case, I think it’s mostly pleasure and satisfiaction that I’ve finally got it right.  Writing a blurb is WAY harder than writing an entire 150 thousand word novel.  I’m violently aware that I don’t have the skill to do it and sweat blood and bricks every time I once again have to make up something riveting.  Quite aside from capturing one’s potential audience, there’s also the matter of honesty.  I don’t know how many blurbs I’ve read (usually those of successful authors) that don’t get the story right:  in a dippy romance I read recently (yes, I confess, I need to read the occasional romance between all the hardcore crime), the heroine is said to go off hunting down all her old flames on Facebook AFTER her fiance dumped her.  Hmmm, actually this didn’t happen at all.  The book being promoted was quite different to the one I read.  What does this mean?  That blurb writers don’t read the books they’re blurbing?  That they’re willing to write any old shit just to sell the book?  The latter I can believe but why would an author allow it?  On the other hand, if the author is selling a zillion copies a week, why would they care.  They’ve sold their soul to their agent/publisher/publicist:  this is what they get for it.  Personal integrity lost.

Anyone who’s read TRANSFERENCE will understand why I called this one V.GOMENZI.  Except when I read it, I see Very Gomenzi.  Because he is.  Very.


Who is Vincent Gomenzi?

How does he end up in Sistia Scarpora’s life four hundred years after trapping his brother on Nigel?

And how does he become involved with Recovery and Igen Dyce?

Third in the Fleet Quintet, V. Gomenzi traces the history of Recovery – from Nigel to Garanthal to Dragør Johnson.

It follows the Angel of Deadly Enlightenment – from its fall in the Garden of Truth to the last Fleet game.

And it reveals the truth about Vincent Gomenzi:

The vortex.

The Fleet machine city.

The First.

V. Gomenzi.

Mindwalker supreme.

Can evil develop a conscience?


About susannahjbell

I am a writer of science fiction and other strange and surreal works. I mostly write novels and the occasional novelette. My published works include A Doorway into Ultra, the Fleet Quintet and the Exodus Sequence. I live in London in an attic flat but really want to live in a tree. I wanted to be an astrophysicist but would settle for an alien abduction. I write because I don’t know what to read.
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