Submission into the wilderness

“no subtitles to get you through this” (MM) 

I thought I’d make an extra effort to submit a novel that I know is quite readable to an agent.  There aren’t many agents willing to actually look at manuscripts (or should I say, unsolicited MSs) and J.Jarrold sounds very welcoming on his website.  Primarily interested in sci fi and only takes electronic subs.  Should be easy enough!  Hah!  The trick is that you have to find two or three recent successful novels with which to compare your work, which can be VERY hard if you aren’t up on the latest booklists.  I read whatever I can find in the library, which is often junk, nothing at all like anything I write, or so old the pages have gone mouldy.  What are you supposed to do?  Rush off to Waterstone’s and buy all the latest books in the vague hope that one or two will be comparable to your work of art?  Who can afford that?  Not me, if I want to eat.  Besides, I no longer like books on my shelves.  I live in dust bunny land, as it is.  But finally I managed to scrape together a few comparisons.  Will post the submission next time.  In the meantime, why doesn’t he answer?!  What?!  Already??!!  I hear you shriek.  Actually, he says he replies within 24 hours and if he doesn’t, to prompt him.  I’ve done both.  Either he’s dead or ULTRA is even more shit than COMMENCES.


About susannahjbell

I am a writer of science fiction and other strange and surreal works. I mostly write novels and the occasional novelette. My published works include A Doorway into Ultra, the Fleet Quintet and the Exodus Sequence. I live in London in an attic flat but really want to live in a tree. I wanted to be an astrophysicist but would settle for an alien abduction. I write because I don’t know what to read.
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